Going out in this corona time?

Last updated: 01-04-2020

Dear guest,

You are very welcome at Eureka Holiday Homes in Groet! Campsites are closed, but we are allowed to stay open with some small restrictions. On this page we have listed our measures for you for a safe stay at our bungalow park for you and other guests.

We are open!

In this difficult and uncertain time we get a lot of questions from our guests, about the upcoming stay at Eureka. We fully understand that. We ourselves have never stood for this situation and feel for you. At the moment our bungalow park is open and accessible to receive guests. We can still provide all services, albeit with the restrictions in the field of hygiene that are indicated by the government. We do not have central areas such as a canteen or restaurant. So there is nothing to stop you coming to us. We rely on your own judgement and that you make a good decision yourself whether it is wise to come. We ask you to be alert for colds, sore throats or fever.

Stay at our park

You have rented one of our 4 or 6 person bungalows. This one too is still available for stay, albeit with the restrictions imposed by the government.

This means that:

  • That you comply with the rules laid down by the central government on 23 March 2020 plus any additional municipal policy plus any instructions from us (the caretaker), which you must reasonably follow.
  • No further visits are allowed.

If you do not follow all the rules laid down, you are aware that the caretaker/owner is obliged to remove you from the grounds on the basis of Article 461 of the Aliens Act.
Furthermore, you must arrive as a single group so that we can carry out a count. For the number of persons we ask you to sign on arrival.
After a short introduction you will receive the key and you may go to the cottage. We will supervise compliance with the rules during your stay. Unfortunately, it cannot be the stay, as you might have wished. The cause, however justified they may be, lies in the atmosphere of the measures taken by the central government. Therefore, we invoke force majeure for not being able to fully fulfil the agreement.


Should you decide not to come, you can cancel your booking in accordance with our cancellation policy. Our cancellation policy is enclosed with your booking confirmation. With this you have agreed to the booking confirmation and at the bottom of our website. You can also read the cancellation policy here: Dutch» German» English»

Our branch association is setting up a guarantee fund. We cannot promise you anything yet, but we will make every effort to meet you after the crisis. This also applies to the situation in the unlikely event that the guarantee fund in question would not be set up or would not fit into our business operations.

We deeply regret the situation and wish you wisdom, but above all health.

Kind regards,
Jeroen and Trijnie