Eureka is a small park-style resort with 18 cozy cabins. Each cabin is private, yet close to the common area. The central playing field allows kids of all ages to meet up and have fun.The layout of the tree-lined park allows parents of smaller children to keep an eye on them, right from their own patio! The park has a country feel, but is situated just minutes from the center of Groet.

Good to know

To allow even the youngest guests to enjoy themselves, cars are not allowed on the campsite. Not to worry: there is ample parking space at the entrance of the park, allowing 2 cars per cabin. Luggage can be carted to the cabins using the campsite’s trolleys and handcarts. washing, drying and ironing facilities can be found at the park’s Laundromat. Guests can help keep our park green by disposing their waste at the dedicated containers on site.